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Afro-Funky-Rock LP at his best, full of drum breaks and wild inventions, another unique and rare italian release, tracks signed by W. Gill and N. Papathanassiou plus T. Tonge and S. Jableck.

The favourites tunes can be "Stop pushing" and the wah wah/electric piano leaden track "On the march", a truly superb deep funk dancer.

Style : Afro Funk / Afro Beat / Afro Jazz Fusion
Media : LP
Label : polydor Press : 2449 004
Year : 1973 Country : Italia
Staff : contribute
Value : D
Contributor's rating : Wicked
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Groovecollector Guide ID : 2012
# Artist Title  
1 african people stop pushing
2 african people woman
3 african people moovin' on
4 african people i just want to be friends
5 african people ka ka da kofi
6 african people michigan harry slaughter
7 african people memories
8 african people yesterday
9 african people can't always be right
10 african people on the march
Steven, 36 years old ............, Sagitarius ..............., France - Marseille .................. Highlight: Everything I do gonna be funky from now on !
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AFRICAN PEOPLE - on the march / moovin' on   african people
on the march / moovin' on
Year : 1970
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : polydor
Press : France
AFRICAN PEOPLE - stop pushing   african people
stop pushing
Year : 1973
media : LP
Label : polydor
Press : 2449 004 Italia
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