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Dominican group with a mellow & bluesy feel. Many different reggae tracks ...

TRACK LISTING: 1. Qui Ca Ou Te Vleuz 2. Coeur A Moin 3. True Pride 4. My Love

5. Mal Eleve 6. Liberation De La Femme 7. Chatieu Moin 8. I Man Culture

Mo informations : The first of three albums recorded by the band, this Hit Parade release. Tracks like Liberation de la Femme and Mal Eleve reached the top ten at national radio and recieved regional radio airplay. The band however was dismantled in 1979 and several original members moved to Europe and the US.

Styles : Zouk / merengue / AntillesAfro Funk / Afro Beat / Afro Jazz Fusion
Media : LP
Label : hit parade Press : HPR-77
Year : 1975 Country : Martinique
Staff : contribute
Value : B
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BELLES COMBO - liberation de la femme   belles combo  
liberation de la femme
Year : 1975
media : LP
Label : hit parade
Press : HPR-77 Martinique
BELLES COMBO - misik a nou   belles combo  
misik a nou
Year : 1977
media : LP
Label : 3a productions
Press : 123545 Dominica
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