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Count Basie The complete Count Basie Vol. 11 To 20 1941-1951
Media : LP Box Set
New or Used : used
Grading cover / record : EX  /  NM  
Label : CBS
Press : CBS 66102 - France
Year : 1980
XI-A1 Feedin' The Bean
XI-A2 Fiesta In Blue
XI-A3 Fiesta In Blue
XI-A4 Fiesta In Blue
XI-A5 Fiesta In Blue
XI-A6 Fiesta In Blue
XI-A7 Tom Thumb
XI-A8 Take Me Back Baby
XI-B1 King Joe (Part1)
XI-B2 King Joe (Part2)
XI-B3 King Joe (Part1)
XI-B4 King Joe (Part2)
XI-B5 Moon Nocturne
XI-B6 Something New
XI-B7 Something New
XII-A1 I Struck A Match In The Dark
XII-A2 Platterbrains
XII-A3 Platterbrains
XII-A4 Platterbrains
XII-A5 All Of Me
XII-A6 All Of Me
XII-A7 All Of Me
XII-B1 Feather Merchant
XII-B2 Feather Merchant
XII-B3 Feather Merchant
XII-B4 Down For Double
XII-B5 Down For Double
XII-B6 More Than You Know
XII-B7 More Than You Know
XII-B8 Harvard Blues
XII-9 Harvard Blues
XIII-A1 Coming-Out Party
XIII-A2 Coming-Out Party
XIII-A3 One O'clock Jump
XIII-A4 One O'clock Jump
XIII-A5 Blue Shadows And White Gardenians
XIII-A6 'Ay Now
XIII-A7 'Ay Now
XIII-A8 'Ay Now
XIII-B1 For The Good Of Your Country
XIII-B2 For The Good Of Your Country
XIII-B3 Basie Blues
XIII-B4 Basie Blues
XIII-B5 I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
XIII-B6 Time On My Hands
XIII-B7 How Long Blues
XIV-A1 Royal Garden Blues
XIV-A2 Bugle Blues
XIV-A3 Sugar Blues
XIV-A4 Farewell Blues
XIV-A5 Cafe Society Blues
XIV-A6 Way Back Blues
XIV-A7 St. Louis Blues
XIV-B1 Rusty Dusty Blues
XIV-B2 Ride On
XIV-B3 Lost In The Blackout Blues
XIV-B4 Time On My Hands
XIV-B5 It's Sand Man!
XIV-B6 Ain't It The Truth?
XIV-B7 Ain't It The Truth?
XIV-B8 Ain't It The Truth?
XV-A1 For The Good Of Your Country
XV-A2 Taps Miller
XV-A3 Jimmy's Blues
XV-A4 Jimmy's Blues
XV-A5 I Don't Know About You
XV-A6 Red Bank Boogie
XV-A7 Red Bank Boogie
XV-A8 Avenue C
XV-B1 Avenue C
XV-B2 Avenue C
XV-B3 Avenue C
XV-B4 This Heart Of Mine
XV-B5 That Old Feeling
XV-B6 That Old Feeling
XV-B7 Blue Skies
XV-B8 Jivin' Joe Jackson
XVI-A1 High Tide
XVI-A2 High Tide
XVI-A3 High Tide
XVI-A4 Queer Street
XVI-A5 Queer Street
XVI-A6 Queer Street
XVI-A7 Patience And Fortitude
XVI-B1 Patience And Fortitude
XVI-B2 Patience And Fortitude
XVI-B3 The Mad Boogie
XVI-B4 The Mad Boogie
XVI-B5 The Mad Boogie
XVI-B6 The Mad Boogie
XVI-B7 Lazy Lady Blues
XVII-A1 Lazy Lady Blues
XVII-A2 Lazy Lady Blues
XVII-A3 Rambo
XVII-A4 Rambo
XVII-A5 Rambo
XVII-A6 Rambo
XVII-A7 Stay Cool
XVII-B1 Stay Cool
XVII-B2 Stay Cool
XVII-B3 The King
XVII-B4 The King
XVII-B5 The King
XVII-B6 Hob Nail Boogie
XVII-B7 Hob Nail Boogie
XVIII-A1 Hob Nail Boogie
XVIII-A2 Danny Boy
XVIII-A3 Mutton Leg
XVIII-A4 Mutton Leg
XVIII-A5 Mutton Leg
XVIII-A6 Mutton Leg
XVIII-A7 Stay On It
XVIII-B1 Wild Bill's Boogie
XVIII-B2 Wild Bill's Boogie
XVIII-B3 Wild Bill's Boogie
XVIII-B4 Wild Bill's Boogie
XVIII-B5 Wild Bill's Boogie
XVIII-B6 Wild Bill's Boogie
XVIII-B7 Fla-Ga-La-Pa
XIX-A1 Don't Ever Let Me Be Yours
XIX-A2 Goodbye Baby
XIX-A3 Goodbye Baby
XIX-A4 Goodbye Baby
XIX-A5 Neal's Deal
XIX-A6 Neal's Deal
XIX-A7 Neal's Deal
XIX-B1 Neal's Deal
XIX-B2 Bluebeard Blues
XIX-B3 Bluebeard Blues
XIX-B4 Golden Bullet
XIX-B5 Golden Bullet
XIX-B6 Golden Bullet
XIX-B7 You're My Baby, You
XX-A1 You're My Baby, You
XX-A2 Song Of The Islands
XX-A3 These Foolish Things
XX-A4 I'm Confessin'
XX-A5 One O'clock Jump
XX-A6 I Ain't Got Nobody
XX-A7 Little White Lies
XX-B1 Little White Lies
XX-B2 I'll Remember April
XX-B3 Tootsie
XX-B4 Howzit
XX-B5 Nails
XX-B6 Little Pony
XX-B7 Beaver Junction

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