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Groovecollector.com is the Music Guide dedicated to Groovy Music. Anyone can participate and build the database to share his passion for these sounds.
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Some rare Modern Soul singles Vol 1. (1975-1985)
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Produced by Curtis Mayfield or not ???
Here's a selection of 7 tracks with a music that sounds like Curtis Mayfield’s soul style. 6 of them are productions or arrangements by Curtis Mayfield. The game consists in finding the intruder!

  #   Artist Title      
1   artist 1 track 1    
2   artist 2 track 2    
3   artist 3 track 3    
4   artist 4 track 4    
5   artist 5 track 5    
6   artist 6 track 6    
7   artist 7 track 7    

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