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Rare Roger Roger library LP in Electronic, Non-Music, Stage & Screen, Abstract, Experimental feel . Exist 2 different pressing on Neuilly and Crea sound. Roger Roger is also known as Cecil Leuter.

With this LP, we can speak about " dada " music


A1 Duetto (La Concierge Et Le Monsieur Du Premier) (1:30) A2 Le Type Beurré (1:37) A3 Sans Queue Ni Tête (1:53) A4 Le Gros Propriétaire (1:16) A5 La Valse Cristalline (1:04) A6 Le Bavard (1:40) A7 Le Sale Môme (2:10) A8 Valse Gonflable (2:07) B1 Le Pédégé (1:25) B2 La Petite Conne (1:35) B3 Rondeau Cucu (1:40) B4 Le Contractuel (1:22) B5 La Flûte Ingénue (1:22) B6 Petit Canon (2:06) B7 La Nana Siphonée (1:35) B8 Marche Des Sptitoufs (1:56)

Styles : Sound LibraryExperimental / Avant-Garde / Electronics
Media : LP
Label : neuilly Press : MC 8006
Year : 1971 Country : France
Staff : contribute
Value : C
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Mr Pal "the soulful spirit" in Paris. Dj, Crate digger, Music Collector, Consultant for Music label and for the "Groove Collector" Team. Also Art director from "La Palprod" Agency, Member of the "Big Cheese Records", Organisator with friends of the "Paris Rare Groove Day" Festival and Dj Resident for "Bagogrooves" parties in Paris ! Enter our universe, visit our website, Listen our funky sound, enjoy & have a good trip !!! You wish to call upon our services ... please contact us...
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ROGER ROGER - drama and suspense   roger roger  
drama and suspense
Year : 1970's
media : LP
Label : crea sound
Press : MON 13 ( 8013 ) France
ROGER ROGER - sports en plein air   roger roger  
sports en plein air
Year : 1970's
media : LP
Label : crea sound
Press : MC 8010 France
ROGER ROGER - musique idiote ( second pressing )   roger roger  
musique idiote ( second pressing )
Year : 1970's
media : LP
Label : crea sound
Press : MC 6 8006 France
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