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Ultra rare French 7". And a cult item ! People often think it doesn't exist on vinyl... but it does ! Superb sensual groove by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane on "Pour oublier le passé, le futur". Recorded in 1970 as a jingle for a radio show, but only released in 1983 to commemorate the work of José Artur, a famous French radio programmer. The other jingles on this EP are credited to Henri Texier, Areski & Brigitte Fontaine, Chagrin d'Amour, Claude Bolling, etc...

Style : European Grooves
Media : 7inch (EP)
Label : sacem Press : contribute
Year : 1983 Country : France
Staff : contribute
Value : E
Contributor's rating : Excellent record (1 or 2 killer tracks)
Excellent record (1 or 2 killer tracks)
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Groovecollector Guide ID : 2603
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1 jane birkin & serge gainsbourg pour oublier le passé, le futur
Collector, record seller, DJ and programmer, VK has always been interested in finding new sounds. His musical tastes range from afrobeat to abstract hip hop, and his researches make him explore different fields such as prog & psychedelic music, african funk & afrobeat, US soul & funk, european jazz & groove, library music and rare soundtracks.
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SERGE GAINSBOURG - le pop club de josé artur   serge gainsbourg
le pop club de josé artur
Year : 1983
media : 7inch (EP)
Label : sacem
Press : France
SERGE GAINSBOURG - cannabis   serge gainsbourg
Year : 1971
media : LP
Label : philips
Press : 6311 060 France
SERGE GAINSBOURG - histoire de melody nelson   serge gainsbourg
histoire de melody nelson
Year : 1970
media : LP
Label : philips
Press : 6397 020 France
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