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Allison Lewis recorded this ultra rare single with his group "south funk blvd".
Allison was better known as one of the members of the great Funky band "TSU Toronados", who was the creator of the million seller, "tighten up" while backing archie bell & the drells.
However, when the band "TSU Tornados" split in 1971, "Allison Lewis" went on to form "South Funk Blvd" with 2 other members. The rest of the band attempted to keep playing under the name "TSU Tornadoes".
Allison and "South Funk Blvd" moved to Alabama and released their first single "What Happen to Association / Turn On With Music" on the label "Ovide" (#255) using the name of "Allison & South Funk Blvd".
Later, the band recorded this monster Soul funk single entitled "getting off your loving / be together".
"Getting off your loving" is an incredible boogie tune from the space and the B-side "Be together", a killer modern soul tune.
Just for information, "South funk blvd" and the band south funk boulevard band are really two different groups from Texas, USA.

Style : Soul 70s / Sweet / Mellow / Crossover
Media : 7inch (SP)
Label : captain funk Press : #1001
Year : contribute Country : USA
Staff : allison lewis (writer,producer)
Value : G
Contributor's rating : Excellent record (1 or 2 killer tracks)
Excellent record (1 or 2 killer tracks)
Visitors ratings :       Wicked
Groovecollector Guide ID : 4568
# Artist Title  
1 south funk blvd getting off your loving
2 south funk blvd be together
Steven, 36 years old ............, Sagitarius ..............., France - Marseille .................. Highlight: Everything I do gonna be funky from now on !
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On 03/16/2012 by tartanmoo 5 / 5
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SOUTH FUNK BLVD ( SKYING HIGH ) - getting off your loving / be together   south funk blvd ( skying high )
getting off your loving / be together
Year :
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : captain funk
Press : #1001 USA
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