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The second release on the label: Les Disques Cosmic Groove !!!

The French band, featuring members from the Strawberry Smell & The Cryptones, has always been involved in the jerk and 60's beat scene. During the years 2004 & 2005, they performed on several places, opening gigs before James Taylor Quartet or Big Boss Man, and more recently before Mike Painter & The Family Shakers at the Sunslice Festival in Toulon.
This second single is another killer one! "La Panthere Pop" is a super heavy jerk with fuzz guitar and astounding Hammond organ sound and featuring eerie background moog sound all along. .
A 60's beat and psyche pop reminiscence! "La Promenade Des British" has a kind of "charme desuet" and is an homage to the French movie "Ne Nous Fachons Pas". .
Let's have a little voyage on the French Riviera with the cool and melodic sound of the Hammond melted with the floating vibes of the moog. .
Don't miss the terrific breaks with drums, bass and moog appearing like bubbles in a cocktail! Groovy baby!


Styles : European GroovesPop 60s / Jerk
Media : 7inch (SP)
Label : cosmic groove Press : groove cosmique 02
Year : 2006 Country : France
Staff : marie julie arnal (hammond organ),  philippe dias (guitar,sitar,fuzz),  cyril jean (electric piano,moog),  olivier vaillant (bass),  thierry gonzales (drums),  marie julie arnal (composition),  philippe dias (compositions)
Value : A
Contributor's rating : Awesome record
Awesome record
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Groovecollector Guide ID : 2819
# Artist Title  
1 stereoscope jerk explosion lapanthere pop
2 stereoscope jerk explosion lapromenade des british
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STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION - la panthere pop / la promenade des british   stereoscope jerk explosion
la panthere pop / la promenade des british
Year : 2006
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : cosmic groove
Press : groove cosmique 02 France
STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION - jerk a la vague / fuzz party   stereoscope jerk explosion
jerk a la vague / fuzz party
Year : 2006
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : cosmic groove
Press : groove cosmique 07 France
STEREOSCOPE JERK EXPLOSION - sitarmania / l'homme grenouille   stereoscope jerk explosion
sitarmania / l'homme grenouille
Year : 2006
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : cosmic groove
Press : groove cosmique 01 France
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