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Information from the web site of Ubiquity records :
A modern soul monster with a pre-disco rhythm section and rich Philly soul feel provided by the big strings and horn section. "Sy" Sylvester Hightower hails from West Palm Beach where he attended Roosevelt High school with Jerry Pittman.
He later moved to Houston, Texas and joined Lavell Kama and The Hundred Hour Counts band.
Touring the USA extensively they were noted for their upbeat choreographed performances which reportedly featured a hundred steps per minute.
When Hightower arrived in Los Angeles he reconnected with Pittman who, with Carmelita, would stop by Hightower's place to listen to his music.
Several Hightower tunes made their way into recordings overseen by West Coast legend Willie Hoskins.
Pittman produced Hightower’s music for Carmen Records and sang background vocals with carmelita who can be heard reaching the high notes.
"I Know That You're Leaving Me" b/w "Wild love" was officially released as a single on Carmen Records in 1975 and Hightower subsequently appeared on the Soul Street television program with K.C. and the Sunshine Band.

Information from Groovecollector:
The track "I know you're leaving" was compiled by Ubiquity records in California Soul Vol 2. Sy Hightower has also recorded 2 superb unreleased tunes like "I wonder why" "go back baby" which may have been released in a LP !?! Luckily, the UK Harvey label issued a single with these 2 soul tunes i wonder why / go back baby

Style : Soul 70s / Sweet / Mellow / Crossover
Media : 7inch (SP)
Label : carmen records Press : CJS-1002
Year : 1975 Country : USA
Staff : jerry pittman (producer),  willie haskins (arranger),  the doctor & his friend (musiciens,vocals)
Value : G
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Groovecollector Guide ID : 10898
# Artist Title  
2 SY HIGHTOWER I Know You are Leaving
Steven, 36 years old ............, Sagitarius ..............., France - Marseille .................. Highlight: Everything I do gonna be funky from now on !
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SY HIGHTOWER  - i wonder why / go back baby   sy hightower
i wonder why / go back baby
Year :
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : harley records
Press : HR012 United Kingdom
SY HIGHTOWER  - wild love / i know you're leaving   sy hightower
wild love / i know you're leaving
Year : 1975
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : carmen records
Press : CJS-1002 USA
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