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Tearra released this beautiful modern soul gem on MidTown Records (Nashville) including "Just Loving You" (#1001).
This single is really very rare and has already been sold around US$ 2000 !!!
Morever, as we haven't ever seen another single on this label we can suppose that MidTown has changed its name for their second single. This is the reason why I invite you to listen to the single of teeah louise - you happened to me / got to keep you mine (#1002) where you will recognize the voice of he leader of Tearra.
Besides, on the stamp of this single, you can notice "from the album "Great Love"". Therefore, if you know this album, please let us know !

Style : Soul 70s / Sweet / Mellow / Crossover
Media : 7inch (SP)
Label : midtown Press : #1001
Year : contribute Country : USA
Staff : manny campbell (producer),  e. campbell (executive producer),  t. mueed (executive producer)
Value : G
Contributor's rating : Excellent record (1 or 2 killer tracks)
Excellent record (1 or 2 killer tracks)
Visitors ratings :       Fair
Groovecollector Guide ID : 4421
# Artist Title  
1 tearra ooh let this feeling (last a long, long time)
2 tearra just loving you
Steven, 36 years old ............, Sagitarius ..............., France - Marseille .................. Highlight: Everything I do gonna be funky from now on !
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On 01/09/2010 by strange4 2 / 5
c'est pas terrible on plus c'est hors de prix
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TEARRA - ooh let this feeling (last a long, long time) / just loving you   tearra
ooh let this feeling (last a long, long time) / just loving you
Year :
media : 7inch (SP)
Label : midtown
Press : #1001 USA
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