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GILLEY,  MICKEY - Your Memory Ain't What It Used To Be / You've Got Something On Your Mind - 7inch x 1 GILLEY, MICKEY   your memory ain't what it used to be / you've got something on your mind   2.84 EUR info
7inch x 1 new   S/S   Epic   USA - 08449
GILL,  VINCE - Whenever You Come Around / South Side of Dixie - 7inch x 1 GILL, VINCE   whenever you come around / south side of dixie   2.84 EUR info
7inch x 1 new   S/S   MCA   USA - 54833
HAYES,  WADE - It's Gonna Take A Miracle / I'm Still Dancin With You - 7inch x 1 HAYES, WADE   it's gonna take a miracle / i'm still dancin with you   2.84 EUR info
7inch x 1 new   S/S   Columbia   USA - 77842
CASH,  JOHNNY - Orange Blossom Special - LP CASH, JOHNNY   orange blossom special   9.46 EUR info
LP used   NM/NM   Columbia   USA - CS-9109
BUSH,  KATE - Lionheart - LP BUSH, KATE   lionheart   3.79 EUR info
LP used   G/NM   EMI   USA - 17008
NELSON,  WILLIE - Little Old Fashioned Karma - 7inch x 1 NELSON, WILLIE   little old fashioned karma   2.84 EUR info
7inch x 1 used   NM/NM   Columbia   USA - 03674
GIBSON,  DON - Oh Lonesome Me / I Can't Stop Lovin' You - 7inch x 1 GIBSON, DON   oh lonesome me / i can't stop lovin' you   1.89 EUR info
7inch x 1 used   NM/NM   RCA   USA - 7133
HUNTER,  JESSE - Long Legged Hannah - 7inch x 1 HUNTER, JESSE   long legged hannah   2.84 EUR info
7inch x 1 new   S/S   BNA   USA - 62976
MCCORMACK,  JOHN - Great Voices of The Century - LP MCCORMACK, JOHN   great voices of the century   9.46 EUR info
LP new   S/S   Everest   USA - 820
ORION DUO - Performs Bach, Brouwer, Debussy, Sor, Granados and DeFalla - LP ORION DUO   performs bach, brouwer, debussy, sor, granados and defalla   4.73 EUR info
LP used   VG/NM   Soundtrax   USA - 1181
MY MORNING JACKET - Chocolate And Ice - LP MY MORNING JACKET   chocolate and ice   28.39 EUR info
LP new   S/S   Badman   USA - -
VON KARAJAN,  HERBERT - Wagner Vol. 2 - LP VON KARAJAN, HERBERT   wagner vol. 2   14.20 EUR info
LP used   VG+/NM   EMI   UK - ASD-3160
BOULT,  ADRIAN - Vaughan Williams A Pastoral Symphony - LP BOULT, ADRIAN   vaughan williams a pastoral symphony   9.46 EUR info
LP used   NM/NM   EMI   UK - AD-2393
ABRAVANEL,  MAURICE - Mahler Symphony No. 2 in C Minor Resurrection - LP ABRAVANEL, MAURICE   mahler symphony no. 2 in c minor resurrection   7.57 EUR info
LP used   VG+/NM   Vanguard   USA - VCS-10003/4
DRAGON,  CARMEN - La Belle France - LP DRAGON, CARMEN   la belle france   3.79 EUR info
LP used   VG+/VG+   Capitol   USA - PAO-8427
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