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Jazz bossa nova great stuff !!! jazz dance classic with superb "Rhodesian Chant". The group are kind of a "piano trio plus", an outfit with piano, bass, and drums in the lead -- but also plenty of conga and added percussion. The feel is unique, almost equally inspired by African rhythms in parts and even when the group are playing familiar numbers, then manage to transform the tracks completely with their inventive approach to rhythms.

Style : Hard-Bop
Media : LP
Label : decca Press : DL-74547
Year : 1960 Country : USA
Staff : contribute
Value : C
Contributor's rating : Wicked
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Groovecollector Guide ID : 1260
# Artist Title  
1 quartette tres bien "boss tres bien"
2 quartette tres bien "rhodesian chant"
3 quartette tres bien "always on saturday"
4 quartette tres bien "the sweetest sounds"
5 quartette tres bien "i love paris"
6 quartette tres bien "lover come back to me"
7 quartette tres bien "days of wine & roses"
Mr Pal "the soulful spirit" in Paris. Dj, Crate digger, Music Collector, Consultant for Music label and for the "Groove Collector" Team. Also Art director from "La Palprod" Agency, Member of the "Big Cheese Records", Organisator with friends of the "Paris Rare Groove Day" Festival and Dj Resident for "Bagogrooves" parties in Paris ! Enter our universe, visit our website, Listen our funky sound, enjoy & have a good trip !!! You wish to call upon our services ... please contact us...
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QUARTETTE TRES BIEN - boss tres bien   quartette tres bien  
boss tres bien
Year : 1960
media : LP
Label : decca
Press : DL-74547 USA
QUARTETTE TRES BIEN - quartette tres bien   quartette tres bien  
quartette tres bien
Year : 1962
media : LP
Label : norman
Press : USA
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