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Some rare Modern Soul singles Vol 1. (1975-1985)
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Some rare Modern Soul singles Vol 1. (1975-1985)


First, let's straighten out this mysterious band "Damn Sam Miracle Man and The Soul congregation"?

The man is O.C. “Arthur Cleveland” Tolbert, also known like « The Miracle Man » or tolbert or damn sam the miracle man and the soul congregation or rev. o.c. tolbert and the blues congregation or king diamond or "The Tolbert Family Singers featuring Brother O C Tolbert" !!!
Don’t mistake O.C. Tolbert for other soul funk artists such as israel tolbert or « Joni Tolbert”, the female singer of CJ & Co.

The hereunder records hasn’t pretend to list the full discography of O.C. Tolbert. However, you could listen to different samples of his music ranging from the raw Gospel Funk to the Mellow Soul. Besides, if you have further information about this artist, feel free to give it us !

As marvin gaye, his father was a roving preacher and he went from church to church preaching the word in Alabama, and he always had our boy by his side. When O.C. was ten he was singer enough to lead the choirs at the churches where his father would preach.

O.C. had a natural talent for singing, but he found that, like his father, he had the talent of getting people to join in and participate in the festivities. He sang and played gospel music at a nursing home for a period of time in Selma, Alabama (where he was born) at the same time appearing on TV every Sunday. He developed the residents of the nursing home into such a good choir that they appeared on TV with him every other Sunday.

O.C. was a man determined to conquer all worlds, so, in 1966, he decided to start singing rhythm and blues. In 1967, he went to Detroit to find fame. He was told by a well known large record company to come for an audition a year later. He immediately disliked large record companies and went to a small one, and recorded, but...

Then he met a mover, who was very much like himself. The man? Jack Taylor, of course! Together they released many recordings on different label out of Detroit or NYC among which Jack’s labels such as « Tay-ster », « Rolyat Production », « Power house », « New Day » et « Rojac Records », and most likely other ones like Kent (UK), …

Regarding the OC Tolbert‘s discography, we can identify 2 main periods, on the one hand from the 70s with his raw funk sound like on his album damn sam the miracle man and the soul congregation and on the other hand, from the 80s with his pure modern soul singles on « Rojac Records» among which his ultra rare single « I’ve got it » that it has already sold at more than US$ 4,000 !!!


Willie Hightower is a kind of forgotten man of the Soul music. With a gospel-soul voice with the same tonality as Sam Cooke’s, Willie Hightower made his fame with some individual singles, few great covers and an album for Capitol at the end of the Sixties. It is despite everything among the greatest Soul productions ever carried out. Originating from Alabama, his songs contain all the magic of Southern Soul.


Jo Tongo is a Cameroonian musician. Arrived to France in 1964, Jo Tongo represents 40 years of African music with the influences sometimes funk-disco, sometimes more traditional roots African music while passing by the reggae more recently. It played with very Well known Artists thanks to its very diverse competences and its always intact passion.


curtis mayfield soul funk R&B singer, songwriter and composer mostly known for the soundtrack of the movie Blaxploitation super fly.


Venezuelan Director of orchestra, pianist and saxophonist with a career shared between New-York, Porto-Rico and Venezuela.

His best songs still make salseros of the world dance!


Welcome on the new focus dedicated to Cortex, the emblematic French funky jazz band from the 70's!

You will find the band's complete discography, tracks and information gathered thank to numerous fans like Bobwall of Frenchattack, who interviewed the lead singer Alain Mion and concocted us one of his best playlists.


In the early 1960's and 70's gospel songs in most British black churches were heavily influenced by the music of the Afro-caribbean fused with traditional English hymns. A small number of congregations imitated and adapted to the African-American contemporary up-tempo styles of singing...


A New Jazz Experience!!! Here is a focus on a emblematic label impossible to get round as we like them at Groove Collector! Distributed by ovation in the Seventies, Black Jazz Records it’s 21 albums which travel between Spiritual Jazz, Soul Jazz and Soul Funk. Black Jazz Record is a true alternative to the traditional jazz and the standards of the Seventies. This label deeply marked its time and the evolution of the jazz by opening new musical horizons. With a lot of creativity, spirituality and poetry, the label embodied the spirit of the black/urban awakening of the civil rights period. Beyond musical quality and talent expressed by the large musicians and vocalists who composed it, the purists of the sound will be able to assess the sound quality of the Quadraphonic recordings.


To our greater regret Mr James Brown, godfather of soul music passed away on December, 25th 2006. We wished to pay homage to him by proposing this focus to you. Of course all our wishes go to his family, friends and fans (so many of them!)... He was an extraordinary musician, a genius performer, a stage beast, a cultural icon and will remain a legend forever! He shall continue to thrill us for the decades to come. He is timeless, celebrated on the whole planet and by all generations! He is one of the most sampled and even copied artist to this day. His name itself launches all emotions! During all these years and through his many concerts he accumulated more than 800 songs in his repertory.

In 50 years, James Brown proves he is one of the greatest with 114 entries onto the "R 'n' B Top Charts", 94 onto the "Billboard's International Charts" and 17 of his tracks as Number 1! A true achievement only matched by Stevie Wonder and Louis Jordan... He is the most productive artist in the History of R 'n' B and Soul, that is why we can with no limit call him "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business".

Have a Look at the playlist, we made with the titles which marked his career… Here


Here is a focus on “100 Top Europeans grooves LP”, prepared by the Groove Collector team, with Palprod and friends, like Mr Kiswell(who takes profit from this occasion to reveal his favourites picks in a European grooves playlist). As there is a multitude of releases it was very difficult to make the selection. Thus we had to limit our selection to LPs to be exhaustive. Singles and the Soundtracks will deserve a special one. We invite you to an excursion in European Music with 100 essential records which contributed to the emergence of this scene in the rare groove world and to expand his credibility in the Soul Jazz Funk sphere since the middle of the Sixties.

Wherever the inspiration comes, English soul & mod beat, jazz orchestrates, libraries, French or Italian Jerk, Latin with Spanish, or Polish progressive fusion … the “European rare grooves” sounds differently from their American equivalents by their very eclectic sonority influenced by the choices of production and arrangements. Each time a special feeling due to the place of creation makes it different. Most of them are limited pressings but fortunately it’s possible to find some of them reissued or Compiled thanks to the efforts of great DJ' S from all around the world. Their continual diggin' of the new & fresh sound enables us to discover and enjoy this so special music style. Could one say that this style comes from the jazz? Yes! But also from the “Pop” phenomenon of the end Sixties and its ideologies which influenced the whole earth.

Artists from all around the world have worked on the subject and produced some unexpected gems. The result is very often an indescribable mixture of musical styles and remains consequently unclassable, even improbable!

This is what we call the “Europeans Grooves” which crate diggers from everywhere are looking for !!! More Spinnin': HERE


Welcome in this new focus on "EDEN ROSE", a great french jazz, pop & rock progressive band from the seventies, with complete discography, listening sources and informations.
This formation is became mythic in the international scene with only One Lp issue "on the way to eden" and Two Singles 45 on catalog. Later the band will become "SANDROSE".
This Focus on looks like intersting for us, because the out now official issue of a new single 45 by the band, powered by SAUSAGE RECORDS & Dj Dom-e on control. This is a limited issue for records collectors and other typical sound lovers. Have look on his playlist & discover his musical universe !


In a few years, "Big Cheese Records" has become one of the main actor and leader of the French soul-funk scene well known all around the world for their compilations and productions.

In 1992 the first issue of big cheese came up: "12 Tasty Grooves" a standard in rare groove music compilations. This period was very constructive with the meetings of Lazoo for the covers artwork and also Dj Pal. The label met success with its famous compilations "The Smoocher" and "The Meldown" and grew up during almost a decade with band productions like "The Big Cheese All Stars". Other compilations will follow in 2007, like the "Hot Fu" and the reissues of the "Smoocher" & "Meltdown".


Imagine yourself constrained to exile on a deserted island and obliged to select only 100 records of soul funk 70 among your discotheque! It sounds a bit weird but it’s closed to the constraint we inflicted to ourselves when we have decided to make this focus. Despite quite a lot of debate, we succeed and set the first selection of the web site unanimously at 90%.

Here is 100 soul-funk 70 bombs, great classics for the connoisseurs but also real pearls to be urgently discovered by the beginners. Finally, if you would decide to start purchasing record vinyls of soul funk 70, this selection would probably be a very good start at a low budget as most of them exists in reissues for less than 15 euros. On each description page of the releases, you can rate and leave your comment. It will be the occasion to check if our selection is in phase with your preferences. The crew.


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